Silver State Bullion (SSB)

SSB or Silver State Bullion was a vintage silver refiner out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The hallmark typically features the SSB letters inside of a Nevada state outline and a star. The weight stamps are often located on the edge of the bars.

  • Company Location(s): Nevada, Southwest Refiners
  • Dates of Operation: 1973 - 1975
  • Known Bar Sizes: 5, 10, 25, 100
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SSB vintage silver For Sale Advertisement SSB Newspaper article SSB silver bar for sale

Silver State Bullion operated at the address 310 South Third Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, from approximately 1973 – 1975, before going bankrupt. Here we see 2 examples of newspaper advertisements selling 100 oz. pure silver .999+ Fine bars for Spot +.35. During this time, silver ranged from $1.96 – $6.76 per ounce.

We also see an article of a buyer complaining about not receiving a 100 oz. silver bar that he paid $509.98 for. SSB claimed it would take 90 days to fabricate the bar, but then apparently never delivered. This was likely the time they became insolvent which eventually led to their bankruptcy filing.

Bars by

Silver State Bullion (SSB)

Silver State Bullion (SSB) 5.32Hallmark

Silver State Bullion (SSB) 5.32 oz.

Silver State Bullion (SSB)

  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight Class: ~5
  • Specific Weight: 5.32
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Configuration: Horizontal
  • Type: Poured
  • Occurrence Frequency: Rare
  • Misc.: Patina, Toner