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What type of contributions are you looking for?

Vintage Silver Bar Examples

Ideally, we are looking for high-quality examples of vintage silver or gold bars that we do not have any documentation of so far. The images should be sharp, in focus, and preferably on a nice background for the best chance of being published live to the public database. The image size is 4:3 aspect ratio, so please be sure to leave enough border around the image so that it can be cropped if necessary. If you’d like credit for your contribution, please create an account, and submit a bar from there.

Hallmark Examples

We are looking to document as many variations of vintage hallmark examples as possible. Please make sure the hallmark is clear and in focus! (Bonus points for submitting detailed refiner information if you have it!)

Refiner Information

We are working hard to research and find as much info as possible for the vintage silver and gold refiners that we document. As you probably know, this is a very labor-intensive endeavor…and often, there is little information publicly available. We desperately need your help to assemble as much refiner information as possible! Any and all contributions are welcome and appreciated!

Just a cool Pic?

Send us your cool vintage silver and gold pics and we’ll likely list them in our “Discover Gallery“! If you have a “Collector Profile” set up, we can link the picture to your profile for image credit. Soon we’ll be running contests to award members for the “Most Liked” pics with free vintage silver bars!

Why isn't my contribution showing up in the database?

Here are some reasons why the vintage silver bar or hallmark isn’t showing up:

  1. We haven’t had time to upload it.
  2. The image quality was not up to par, or the size was not workable (we have to post 4:3 aspect ratio).
  3. Feel free to email with questions: