Cripple Creek Colorado

Cripple Creek Colorado is one of the most sought after refiners in the West.

  • Company Location(s): Colorado
  • Dates of Operation: 1890 -
  • Known Bar Sizes: ~3, ~5, ~10, ~20
  • Related Refiners: Denron Ltd.
Cripple Creek Colorado 

The Cripple Creek silver mine is actually better known for its gold production, which played a major role in the history of Colorado and the United States. The story of the Cripple Creek gold rush began in 1890, when a rancher named Bob Womack discovered gold on the slopes of what is now called Battle Mountain, near the town of Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Womack’s discovery sparked a rush of prospectors to the area, and by 1891, more than 10,000 people had arrived in the region. Over the next few years, several major gold strikes were made, and by 1895, Cripple Creek had become one of the most important gold mining districts in the United States.

The Cripple Creek gold rush continued until the early 20th century, with the peak production occurring in 1900. By that time, the district had produced more than 22 million ounces of gold, making it one of the richest gold fields in the world.

In addition to its gold production, the Cripple Creek district was also home to several significant silver mines, including the Mollie Kathleen Mine, which operated from 1891 to 1961. The Mollie Kathleen Mine was named after the daughter of its discoverer, Frank Early, and it produced more than 18 million ounces of silver during its lifetime.

Today, the Cripple Creek district is a popular tourist destination, with several historic mines and attractions open to the public, including the Mollie Kathleen Mine and the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company.

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Cripple Creek Colorado

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