IPM / International Precious Metals

IPM / International Precious Metals, out of Las Vegas, NV features a lower case “ipm” hallmark with a “Saturn” ring around the “I”.

  • Company Location(s): Nevada, Southwest Refiners
  • Dates of Operation: 1960's - 1970's
  • Known Bar Sizes: ~2
  • Related Refiners: W. H. Foster, Inc.

Information below is taken from a couple of old Ebay sales listings:

International Precious Metals contracted with Fosters Co / Hercaimy Enterprises out of Walla Walla Washington for the casting of their hallmark silver ingots. Hercaimy Enterprises / Fosters with the claim of fame for their production of the “Silver Eagles Nest”, even with a name change to Lewis & Clark Mint in 1972, could not survive the harsh realities of the early silver business. With multiple International Precious Metals “ipm” 999+ fine silver, serial numbered ingots from the early years, few ingots would have the “Hercaimy” stamp proving manufacturer origin. However, once observed, with a numerical font study completed, most would concur, rare, old and original are the “ipm” 999+ fine silver ingots observed in todays market. Investors and collectors alike should not confuse these original “ipm” ingots with the more modern “IPM examples” which are produced under the name of Intermountain Precious metals and lack a serial #.

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IPM / International Precious Metals

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