Chelsea D. – CD

There is limited information available about Chelsea D., whose work we are referencing as “CD.” What we DO know is that he was connected to Dennis England. Actually lived with him for a short stint, during which time DE helped him get started pouring bars. England also helped with some of the hallmark designs….it is easy to see the similarities and influences between the two makers. Although similar, CD’s bars are much less refined and often very sloppy (both in the stamps and the molds). Ultimately, CD and DE parted ways. Later, CD started pouring “junk bars”….mixing slag in with the silver yet still stamping bars as .999 (which led to his arrest!).

  • Company Location(s): Midwest Refiners, Oklahoma
  • Dates of Operation: 2009
  • Known Bar Sizes: 50g, 100g, ~3, ~5, ~10, ~25
  • Related Refiners: Cortez Mines

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Chelsea D. – CD

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