Canadian Silver Refiners

Founded in 1980 in Alberta, Canadian Silver Refiners is still in operation today. Their hallmark features the CSR initial, as the full name on occasion. Some bars also feature a mythical creature that appears to be a cross between a cow, badger, angel, dragon and devil. ????‍♂‍

  • Company Location(s): Canada
  • Dates of Operation: 1980 -
  • Known Bar Sizes: ~10, ~25
  • Related Refiners:


CSR, Canadian Silver Refiners, was founded in 1980 and is still in operation today. The silver boom of the 1980’s brought a significant flood of scrap silver into the market for refining. CSR sought to fill that need, while other refiners and dealers were being overwhelmed with demand.

Like many refiners that popped up during this time (Dugan & Helterbrand), CSR focused their business on the smelting and refining of scrap recycled from the photographic and radiographic industries

Their operations have continued today, but shifted to producing investment grade silver bars for coin shops, precious metals dealers and industrial clients..

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Canadian Silver Refiners

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